Cross-platform Write once, run anywhere.

We make multi-platform games and apps with the best cross-platform technologies suitable to your project. We use proven technologies such as Adobe AIR, Haxe and OpenFL. Cross-platform development is important if you want to increase your audience and cross-platform technologies are important if you want to reduce the global cost of your project.

Cross-platform by Lugludum

Custom by Lugludum

Custom development.

We code all or part of your project to fit your need. We help you modelize the whole project, and code the technical parts. We can also build framework or API to expand your own toolbox. We have a very good knowledge in as3, Adobe AIR, Haxe, php and html/javascript. We know specific tools and framework to improve productivity and performance as well (Starling, Ash, TexturePacker, FlashDevelop, Minko, OpenFL, etc.).

E-learning by gamification.

We have a strong experience in e-learning and can help you build your serious games and export it on a LMS with SCORM or AICC. We will gamify your courses too.

E-learning by Lugludum

Social by Lugludum

Social by gamification ... once again.

We can also build social games and apps linked to the social network of your choice (facebook, twitter, etc.). Being social let you improve your app or game visibility and add virability to your content.

Game & Level Design

We will help you to imagine, design and develop your games. We can support you throughout the production: game design, level design, development, integration, balancing ...

Game by Lugludum